young adult man wondering if he is too young for hearing aids

How old are you? Do you think you’re old enough for hearing aids? Or is there really a right age to start wearing hearing aids?

“But I’m not old enough for hearing aids!”

We used to hear so many people with suspected hearing loss say this. Thank goodness we have moved away from the societal notion that only elderly people wear hearing aids!

Wearing hearing aids has become more popular and more common than ever before. This is all thanks to today’s amazing hearing aid technology and the fact that many young people experience noise induced hearing loss. We no longer need to be ashamed or be in denial that we have hearing loss. In fact, the moment you suspect you have hearing loss, you should go to an audiologist for a hearing screen.


It’s important to treat hearing loss early!

If you want to be able to enjoy and fully experience every bit of your life, you have to have all senses, including your hearing sense, functioning well. If it’s not working right, you have to remedy the situation as soon as possible. When you wear hearing aids to treat sensorineural hearing loss, it helps to keep the brain from losing the ability to process speech. This is the reason why you shouldn’t wait until you’re older (based on your misconception of the “right age”) to wear hearing aids when you know you need them.

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Hearing well means living well!

At one time, our patient database was comprised of mostly “over 65” patients, but now on any given day, we may have an office of “40-something” patients, or younger, who want to live life to the fullest. These people want to be able to participate in conversations in noisy environments, listen to nature sounds while enjoying the great Colorado outdoors, stream Bluetooth music or phone calls into their hearing devices, hear well at conferences, and the list goes on and on.

Weekly, we hear patients tell us that they love their hearing aids! Enjoying a healthy and engaged lifestyle helps us all feel and appear younger, so if you suspect that you have hearing loss, please call us today for a free hearing screen and consultation.

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