Did you know that earwax can become compacted and press against your eardrum, causing difficulty hearing or ringing in the ears? That’s why sometimes treating hearing loss is as simple as removing ear wax.

Earwax (cerumen), a waxy substance secreted in the ear canal, is there for a reason — to clean and protect the skin of your ear canal from debris, bacteria and water. Despite your best efforts to clean it out, wax can build up in your ear canal, harden and become stuck. Using a cotton swab can make the situation worse by pushing the wax in deeper. You can’t feel this buildup, but it can lead to temporary hearing loss. 

We can remove ear wax safely using various methods.


Our doctors will look inside your ears and remove any extra ear wax buildup manually, using a special scraping instrument called a curette.




If your wax buildup is significant, we may use an instrument called The EARIGATOR™ to clean your ears. This ear cleansing tool uses pressurized water, at a controlled temperature, to clear your ears of wax buildup. 


Call us to schedule a visit. We’ll investigate your hearing problems and unplug your ears right away if wax is the culprit.


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