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Patient Testimonial - Sophia

Patient Testimonial - Ruth & Walt

Patient Testimonial - Marty

“Whitney and others have always spent quality time with me and I’ve left completely satisfied with the service. Appreciate the consistent cleaning and tune-up and the wax removal when needed. Current hearing aid considerable improvement over previous ones and the settings they chose make a big difference.”


“I would definitely recommend you to others – your staff is very efficient and friendly and helpful!”


“Yes, I would recommend your hearing aids. Can tell what’s going on around me. I appreciate the periodic meetings that check my units and clean them if needed. I am now looking for the next step that will improve my hearing ability.”


“Hearing HealthCare Centers has helped considerably by providing quality hearing aids to let me hear again! Soooo much normal and better now. Thanks, Whitney and all your wonderful employees. You’re the best! No one is ever in a rush and everyone is extremely helpful and friendly!”


“I can participate more in conversations with people and hear things I previously missed. Hearing HealthCare Centers is the place to go for expert hearing analysis and care. The employees treat you as family.”


“I have had tone hearing problems since I was young. I had many tests at that time but there was not much that could be done at that time. I can hear a lot of tones and I cannot hear some tones. I came here to find out if there was anything that could be done now with new tech stuff. I had a screening here and found out that the new tech could be a help to my problem. I still have not decided what I want to do yet but it is good to know that my problem can be fixed. – It is getting more difficult for Bob and I would like him to get some help for better communication.”


“I am amazed at how well I can hear! I no longer have to ask people, What did you say?”


“My life has been improved by being returned to the world of hearing. I would recommend you to friend or family. Personal care and time spent with me by pleasant staff.”


“I thank you for your caring attitude and knowledge for my improvement. The hearing aids I now have had ceased to operate to my satisfaction. My ability to function was impaired in personal situations and created some difficulties. I am glad I followed your advice to see the ear specialist who diagnosed an eczema type condition that we can manage now. It was your willingness to give time and attention to tuning and cleaning the hearing aids and finding the new technology that has helped me so much. I use the term miraculous in how the change has affected my life, and you are the reason I can now function more normally. I am certain many more patients will get the great benefits of your care. If you feel it appropriate to show this note to others, please do so with my sincere thanks.”


“I have been coming to Hearing HealthCare Center since I started having hearing problems many years ago and the service has always been outstanding. In over 30 years I have never had a problem that wasn’t solved immediately in a professional and pleasant manner. I highly recommend them – no reservations”


“Hearing HealthCare Centers has helped me to remain “in the loop” in my life. When I have to ask “what” all the time people get so annoyed that they eventually don’t bother repeating themselves. It becomes extremely frustrating for both parties. However, with my new hearing aids I am able to actively engage in conversation without any embarrassment. On top of that, every time I come in the staff is so polite. They always remember me and what is going on in my life. They care! It is not about the money with them. They are here to improve your life.”


“The staff at Hearing HealthCare Centers are always helpful with my hearing problem.”


“Thanks for the good hearing care for my late husband and me. It’s been a great association with improved hearing. Thanks for encouraging me to get out of my comfort level with a new aid and it’s been great”


“I’ve had a good experience with Hearing HealthCare Centers. From the receptionist greeting us to our departure was educational. I see now more options to gradual hearing loss and the products i.e. iPhones are modern too. The staff was most helpful and pleasant”


“The staff is very professional. I’ve been seen here a couple times with great results! It’s an ideal location and immediate service – no waiting!”


“Dr. Samantha was superb! I was never rushed during my appointment at Hearing HealthCare Centers and the quality of care was great! I feel more involved in conversation and enjoy the confidence that Hearing HealthCare Centers has provided. I am very impressed with all that they have done for me. I would recommend Hearing HealthCare Centers to everyone because the test and hearing aids are very helpful as are all the personnel! Thank you all very much!”


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