Purchasing hearing aids to treat your hearing loss is a major investment.  It can feel like a difficult process.   There are important details that can get overlooked during the decision-making process.  Choosing the best hearing professional to work with is important to consider, but so is follow-up care for hearing aids.

Follow-up care for hearing aids is extremely important to have in place after you’ve purchased your hearing aids.  Developing a partnership with your audiologist is in your best interest.  It’s a relationship that you want to have long after you purchase your hearing aids.

Why do I need follow-up care for hearing aids?

Routine follow-up care for hearing aids is critical in keeping them functioning well and you hearing clearly.

Dust, skin cells and other debris can plug the tiny microphones and speakers in your hearing aids. This can prevent sound from getting to your ears.  Cleaning appointments approximately two to three times a year can keep your hearing aids working well.  This will prevent the clarity of your hearing aids from getting worse due to environmental factors.  It’s also a great opportunity for minor repairs to be performed on your hearing aids.  This will keep them functioning at top performance.

Your hearing loss can change over time.

Sometimes these changes can require some modifications of the programming in your hearing aids.  The goal is to help you continue to hear well.  Retesting your hearing every 1-2 years helps to monitor for any changes and make adjustments as necessary.  Sometimes programming changes are needed due to changing preferences or lifestyles.  It is important that your hearing professional is willing and available to assist you with any of these changes as your hearing needs change.

Treating your hearing loss is important.

So is having a provider whom you trust.  Your hearing provider should be available to support you and your hearing loss needs for years to come.  Attentive follow-up care for hearing aids will get you the best results from your hearing aids. Giving you an even greater return on the investment in your hearing health.

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