Everywhere you look, someone is trying to sell a bargain hearing aid that supposedly “works miracles but costs a fraction of what professionally fit hearing aids cost”. When asked why people don’t pursue hearing treatment, since only 35% of people who need hearing aids get them, the number one reason given is cost. However, in countries with socialized medicine where hearing aids are free, less than 45% of people who need them wear them. If cost was really the primary reason why people didn’t pursue hearing help, that number would be 100%!

We believe what is more important than cost is value. When people value how much treating their hearing loss can positively improve their quality of life, they are much more likely to pursue the help they need. In fact, one of the most common comments I hear from satisfied, successful patients is “I can’t believe I waited so long to get help!”

With untreated hearing loss being related to increases in memory loss, dementia and many other cognitive and social risks, we believe it is critical to treat hearing loss with the utmost of care and high standards.

Let’s say you are having knee pain and require surgery. What if your surgeon asked you, “Would you like me to replace your knee and restore 30%, 70%, or maximum percent mobility?”

We wouldn’t want anyone to have to make that decision based on price. And we certainly don’t want anyone to compromise their hearing care based on price either. That said, we realize that cost is a legitimate factor for many of our patients. That’s why we recently introduced a program that is quickly becoming a game-changer for people who felt they couldn’t afford quality hearing care!

What Determines the Cost of Hearing Aids?

The 3 P’s:
Your hearing treatment depends on the 3 P’s- Professional, Process and Product.
While there are lots of options out there advertising rock-bottom prices, they likely compromise in each of the 3 areas that are critical to your success. The price you pay for hearing treatment will depend on the experience of the professional you work with, the process of restoring your hearing to the very best it can be along with the amount of follow up care that is included over the lifetime of treatment, and the technology in the product that is recommended to you based on your lifestyle analysis, hearing evaluation, and budget.

Does Insurance Cover Hearing Aids?

Health insurance companies generally don’t cover hearing aids. However, in most cases, diagnostic evaluations are currently covered if a physician orders them to assist in developing a treatment plan.

Similarly, Medicare doesn’t cover hearing aids for adults. Beware of Medicare plans that say they cover hearing aids. Often, they will only provide amplification devices via mail order or provide ‘discounts’ that may limit the product technology and/or follow up care that you really need.

Hearing HealthCare Centers accepts nearly all insurance plans for hearing evaluations. However, since there are a lot of ‘benefits’ that may not be much of a benefit, we only accept insurance plans for hearing aids that allow us to provide the quality of products and follow up care that we believe is crucial to your success.

For children and young adults ages 18 and under, there is a law in the state of Colorado that requires all insurances, including Medicaid, to cover the diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss, including hearing aids, when deemed medically necessary. Coverage must include new devices every 5 years, or when the current hearing aids are no longer able to be adjusted to the child’s needs.

Hearing HealthCare Centers also proudly accepts Medicaid insurance. We are passionate about helping people hear better, no matter what. If you need help paying for a hearing aid, some nonprofit organizations provide financial assistance, while others may help provide affordable hearing aids with used or refurbished devices. We can provide you with information about funding sources. Please call our office nearest you for an appointment to determine how we can best help you.

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