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What You Need to Know About Our Reopening: Please read our full update here, and call if you have any questions or need to schedule a drop-off service or an appointment. We are not accepting walk-ins at this time.

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How You Can Enjoy Better Hearing

Hearing HealthCare Centers:
We Can Help You Rewrite Your Story

Whispering grandchildren. Your favorite British comedies. An alarm clock. The turn signal in the car. Those are just some of the many sounds we often take for granted. But for those with hearing loss, it’s a different story. Hearing loss can muffle the joy of your existence and make you feel like an outsider in your own life. Whether its for pleasure or for safety, it is important to hear ALL the sounds in your environment.

At Hearing HealthCare Centers, we understand how hearing loss sneaks into your life uninvited and starts to steal the moments that are important to you. It starts out by muffling voices in a restaurant, then on TV. As it progresses it can increase the effort you have to put into hearing, create conflict with family members, or cause you to decline the dinner invitation because it’s no fun, or even embarrassing, when you can’t hold a conversation in a crowded restaurant.

It’s no surprise, then, that there is mounting research showing that untreated, and potentially under-treated hearing loss is correlated with an increased risk of cognitive decline, memory loss, dementia, social isolation and depression. People with untreated hearing loss also experience an increase in falls, hospitalizations and even car accidents.

We can help restore your hearing so you can continue to do life the way you want to, whether it’s going to work, watching movies or playing with your grandchildren.

Don’t suffer in silence. Discover today what so many others have accomplished when they made the decision to medically treat their hearing loss. Through our audiology services, we’ve helped thousands of people just like you regain control of their lives. We can help you too. Our hearing solutions and sound advice can help make speech clearer through highly sophisticated hearing technology. We can also offer effective strategies to make communicating with family members, friends, and colleagues easier. Better hearing and a better quality of life are just a phone call away!

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John Smith, AuD.

Dr. Whitney Swander,
CEO of HHCC, Doctor of Audiology

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Our passion is helping smart people like you in 7 locations across the front range — people who want to stay active and engaged — rediscover hearing clearly and without strain.

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Your hearing matters to us at Hearing HealthCare Centers!

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Get Help for Hearing Loss

Seven years: That’s the average amount of time people wait before visiting a hearing specialist for their hearing loss.

Just as you wouldn’t tolerate a loss in vision without a trip to the eye doctor, why ignore a loss in hearing without visiting a hearing expert?

The fact is, without treatment, hearing loss can get worse. Your ears and brain thrive on sound. But studies show that over time, hearing loss impairs the brain’s ability to process sound and recognize speech.

The earlier you treat your hearing loss, the more hearing you’ll be able to preserve. Don’t wait to get the help you need!

Take the First Step Today

  • When you call us, we’ll do our best to answer your questions about hearing loss and hearing aids.
  • Next, we’ll schedule an audiologist appointment for your hearing test so we can determine if you’re a candidate for hearing aids.
  • If hearing aids can help, your hearing specialist will explain the options so you can choose the right hearing aid for your unique hearing profile, lifestyle, preferences, and budget.
  • We’ll custom-fit and program your new hearing aids to provide you with the best hearing possible, helping you reconnect with the people and activities that are vital to your life.

We treat our patients like our own family because we recognize that hearing well is important in all of your relationships!


How to Socially Distance without Socially Isolating

“Social distancing” is a key way we can help to reduce the rate of the spread of coronavirus by reducing close contact with other humans, especially large groups. It involves staying away from crowded restaurants, stores, and events as well as putting 6 feet of space between people. One important distinction is that social distancing does NOT have to be the same as social isolation. Social isolation is one of the risk-factors of hearing loss and can be very detrimental in the long run. Social isolation has correlations with loneliness, depression, cognitive decline, and dementia. For more information on Social Isolation, please request a free copy of the book Isolation Is Optional, co-authored by Dr. Whitney Swander.

What can you do to “socially distance” without “socially isolating”?

Walk around the block with a neighbor.

Be prudent and make sure they have low risk of exposure, but they will probably appreciate the company as well. Not to mention, the fresh air and exercise will do you both good!

Invite a close friend over to share a meal.

Use the same prudence as above, but spend a little time with someone you may not get to see often.

Be a helper! Drop off a meal for someone who may need it.

With places like senior centers and churches closed down, some people may not be getting services or meals that they usually get assistance with. You could be a blessing to others by providing some of their basic needs.

Send an encouraging note to an old friend or family member.

Make a point to send more positive texts, emails or even better, snail mailed cards and letters. They’ll appreciate the encouragement and you will feel good about it too! Who knows- it may even rekindle some old relationships!

Wear your hearing aids!

Hearing better is about stimulating your brain, even when it feels like there is not much to hear. You will benefit from wearing them during this period of social distancing, and that will help you have less to re-adapt to once life gets back to normal.

Wear your hearing aids!

Hearing better is about stimulating your brain, even when it feels like there is not much to hear. You will benefit from wearing them during this period of social distancing, and that will help you have less to re-adapt to once life gets back to normal.

Call or Video call your grandkids!

With many kids out of school for the next few weeks, your grandchildren will have lots of time on their hands too and your adult children may be happy to have them entertained for a while! You can even play games like charades on video chat or mad libs over the phone.

Have conversations, play games, or watch movies.

If you’re socially distancing yourself with someone you live with, don’t spend the time watching separate TVs or reading books. Be intentional about having conversations, playing games, like dominos, cards or board games, or watching movies you all enjoy. See below for suggestions of conversation starters!

  • What is your all-time favorite movie?
  • What is your favorite book?
  • Share memories from your favorite vacation
  • What is your favorite food that others may find odd?
  • What was your first job?
  • How did you spend the money from your very first job?
  • What were some of your favorite holiday traditions from childhood?
  • When is the most interesting time in history? Why?
  • What are you most grateful for in your life?
  • Utilize online streaming services.

    Many churches and places of worship are cancelling weekend services but are making their services available online. If you have the ability to stream them to your phone or computer, do that. It will make you feel connected from afar.

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