I’m the one who has been diagnosed with a hearing loss.  This only affects me, right?

Actually, NO.

Your hearing loss affects every person around you. Most notably those closest to you, particularly your spouse. We see patients every day who are unaware of how their untreated hearing loss hurts those around them. So we asked the spouses about how their loved one’s hearing loss impacts their own lives… and we are met with an emotional plea for help.  

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Hearing loss impacts more than you think…

When you can’t hear the conversation well at home, your spouse may perceive it the wrong way. It may come off as you not caring about what they have to say.  We hear all the time from the spouses of our patients, “I can’t tell if he can’t hear me or if he’s ignoring me.” Having to repeat themselves frequently or feeling like you’re choosing not to listen to them can wreak havoc on your relationship.

This lack of communication can create a decrease in emotional intimacy which leads to feelings of anger, loneliness, and resentment. Misunderstandings can occur due to lack of clarity or unheard details, causing even further frustration to the situation. Difficulty hearing in crowds and noisy environments may also cause some apprehension in attending social events, leading to social isolation. This contributes to the increase of feelings of rejection in your spouse.

But… there is good news, too!

Accept the situation and learn to communicate better…

By working together as a team, you and your spouse can improve the way you communicate, positively impacting your relationship.  By taking ownership of and treating your hearing loss, you can begin to hear the voices of those around you once again, making them feel valued and heard.  And with your spouse by your side learning and using good communication skills, the misunderstandings and hurt feelings can resolve.  You will begin to engage in conversations and social situations more confidently and begin to live life more fully.

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