Hearing Tips

Common Balance Problems

Why am I dizzy? Poor balance is reported to affect 5-10% of the population. This statistic tends to increase with age and affects upwards of 40% of individuals over age 40. For those aged 60 and over imbalance and falls becomes one of the most common health concerns,...

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How Hearing Works

Hearing is a powerful sense. Hearing is where physical sound waves in the atmosphere are turned into meaningful electric impulses inside our minds. The world is full of physical sound waves. Some waves  which we cannot detect (x-rays, echolocation); Some which we wish...

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What Is tinnitus?

How do you know you have it? Tinnitus, is it tied to hearing loss? Does it cause hearing loss? These are questions that many have. You would be surprised to find that 50 Million American's have experienced tinnitus. Out of that, nearly 30 million adults have hearing...

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Over The Counter Hearing Aids

Should I just buy over the counter hearing aids? There’s been a lot of information about over the counter hearing aids becoming available over the counter. Meaning going alone to pickup without any prior professional feedback. Not to mention these are also available...

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