How do you know you have it? Tinnitus, is it tied to hearing loss? Does it cause hearing loss? These are questions that many have. You would be surprised to find that 50 Million American’s have experienced tinnitus. Out of that, nearly 30 million adults have hearing loss that should be treated.

What Is Tinnitus?

When you perceive a sound inside your head or ears that doesn’t have an external stimulus. People say it sounds like crickets, water, buzzing, beeping etc. To further explain, it is like a candle in a dark room. The buzzing makes it hard to focus on anything else. Have you heard experienced something similar? Unfortunately, tinnitus and hearing loss are related but the connection is often not made.

How can you treat Tinnitus?

Hearing aids are one of the most effective treatments for tinnitus. Audiologists and professionals specially trained in tinnitus treatment, can perform tests that measure the pitch and loudness at which you can perceive the problem. After, the appropriate hearing aids can be recommended that will enhance sounds in specific ranges to what you are missing. If it persists, some models of hearing aids have features that allow the audiologist to create signals that mask the tinnitus. A hearing aid does not eliminate buzzing, yet it turns up the volume of external sounds making the buzzing less distracting; Just like it’s hard to look at something besides the candle flame in a dark room. A hearing aid is equivalent to turning up the lights in a the dark room. The candle may still be there but it’s easier to focus on the surrounding environment.

Whether or not you suspect hearing loss but suffer from tinnitus, a hearing evaluation is the first step in regaining control. This allows you to take control by hearing only the sounds you are supposed to and non of the ones you are not.

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