Let me guess: you made a New Year’s resolution this year. Over 40% of Americans make New Year resolutions each year and the number is steadily growing. A resolution can be anything from wanting to travel more, losing weight, spending more time with family or even learning to paint.  If you didn’t make a resolution this year, maybe there is something that you want to accomplish in the New Year.

Your resolution could be a dream you had when you were a little boy or girl. It could even be something that you recently learned about when scrolling through your Facebook feed. It doesn’t matter the inspiration, it’s now time for perspiration.

The experts at Forbes recommend the following tips to see your resolution or goal until the end:

  • Keep it simple

Some of us would love to visit the moon or visit every country next year, but those goals sound glamorous and are going to be very difficult to achieve. The experts recommend simple and attainable goals.

  • Make it tangible

The purpose is to break down your larger goal into more manageable and attainable goals. You should also be very specific with your goals.

  • Make it obvious

You will need a way to track and monitor your goals. Write them on a to-do list, put them on your calendar or a post-it note on your fridge.

  • Keep motivated

One of the best ways is to tell your family and friends about your goal. You can post it on your Facebook wall, tell your best friend or tell your neighbor. It’s doesn’t matter who you tell just tell somebody. They can help keep you motivated.

At Hearing HealthCare Center, we recommend adding one more to the list.

  • Get your hearing checked

Hearing is directly involved in our ability to learn and interact with others. If you want to learn to paint, hearing instructions from the teacher will make it easier. If you want spend more time with your family, it will be more enjoyable if you can hear your grandkids giggle and laugh.

One of the most overlooked elements of New Year’s resolutions is hearing.  It’s doesn’t matter your resolution or goal. At Hearing HealthCare Centers, we offer hearing evaluations to ensure that your hearing won’t get in the way. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

Hopefully these tips will help you accomplish your resolutions this year.

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