People often ask us, “does ear candling work”?  Maybe you’ve never heard of ear candling.  Perhaps you’ve tried it.  In this article, we share our professional opinion about ear candling.

What is an Ear candle?

An ear candle is a hollow cone made of cloth that is soaked in beeswax. It works by inserting one side of the candle into the ear canal while the other end is set on fire.

Claim of Ear Candling

In ear candling, a vacuum force is created by oxygen that is being drawn through the candle. It then pulls residue out from the ear canal.

Studies were conducted using ear candles and a simulated human ear canal. There have been numerous studies evaluating the amount of vacuum force created. However, no single study could confirm it.  The studies compared individual’s ear canals before and after the use of candling. There was no reduction in the amount of ear wax in the canal.  Worse of all, some had wax from the candles deposited in their ear canals. Those who used ear candles actually complained about the pain from the heat in the ear canal and loud “bubbling” noises that were created.


So in our opinion, does ear candling work?

Verdict: Not to Ear Candle

There has been absolutely no documentation of benefit from use of Ear Candles.  Putting an open flame over one of the most sensitive layers of skin on the entire body is extremely dangerous and could potentially create more problems for you.

Bottom line: We do not recommend ear candling. It is ineffective and potentially very hazardous.

We are giving you our professional opinion to help you can make an informed decision on ear candling. Of course, it is your choice whether or not you want to do this kind of method of removing ear wax.

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