How do you protect your hearing at loud events?

This one is for all my sports fans. the ones who get caught up in the enthusiasm and cheer until their throats are sore! Having a plan to protect your hearing can help you enjoy those games for the rest of your life.

Have you ever wondered how loud all of that cheering can get?

Maybe you’ve seen the headlines from NFL games in recent years where they’ve broken records with the crowd noise in the stadium. Maybe you’ve heard in Seattle they measured seismic activity attributed to crowd noise during a playoff game in 2011. In fact, the Kansas City Chiefs presently hold the Guinness World Record for “loudest crowd roar” with a noise level of 142.2 dBA from a game in 2014. Just to put that into perspective, 140 dB is what we know to be the loudness level of a jet engine taking off. Some stadiums have even started distributing disposable earplugs to help this cause.

Protect Your Ears & Protect Your Hearing At Loud Events

If you attend events fairly often, we recommend custom molded protection that is designed to fit just your ears and they can be designed to have your team colors too! You could even consider non-custom reusable plugs to minimize the amount of waste created from these events. For example, Denver’s Mile High stadium can hold over 76,000 fans! If even half of the fans wore disposable units we would have almost 40,000 pairs of earplugs at the end of it sent to the landfill! So consider some custom molds or contact us to learn about reusable plugs to reduce waste!

So as everyone knows, it’s the fans that make the game. Just make sure you’re wearing some hearing protection so you can keep hearing after all the cheering!

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