Hearing loss from auditory deprivation can create frustration for both the affected person as well as the family and friends involved. Hearing loss can limit their ability to help others, their civic activities, and their occupational roles. Experiencing hearing loss can also have permanent damage on a person’s speech understanding.

If not properly treated right away, it can cause additional strain to a person’s lifestyle. Worse, this untreated hearing loss can lead to auditory deprivation.

What is it auditory deprivation and how does it happen?

Auditory Deprivation is a condition that occurs in individuals suffering from hearing loss wherein their brain loses the ability to interpret words. It happens when there is a lack of stimulation over an extended period of time.


How long does it take for a person to treat a hearing loss?

It takes a person about 7 years after the initial incident of noticing they have a hearing problem. Auditory deprivation usually sets in around this time. The nerves of the hearing mechanism become deprived of stimulation and slowly weaken. This is known as auditory deprivation.

Use it or lose it?

Hearing HealthCare Centers often discusses with our patients that hearing is a “use it or lose it” system. How is that so and what can you do to strengthen and work on your hearing? To find out more on this you can contact us to set up  consultation. We would love to answer your questions and determine if this is something you are experiencing.

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